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Selfie, morning train

Wednesday 11th October 2017, 8.15am (day 2,239)

Selfie on train, 11/10/17

Not the greatest morning. It’s dark at 7am now when we wake up — when did that happen?! Profound demotivation on the journey in, though it did improve. My first proper selfie on the blog since 11th June 2016. There may be reasons for this.

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Thursday 15th December 2016, 5.55pm (day 1,939)

Yawn, 15/12/16

It’s a portrait of a stranger in a pub (the Kro Bar on Oxford Road, Manchester, as it happens), but it’s also a self-portrait. This is me, this is how I feel at the moment. I need a break. But I’m getting one, after tomorrow.

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At Rochdale station

Tuesday 13th September 2016, 9.05am (day 1,846)

At Rochdale station, 13/9/16

Second shot in a row of one or more of my commuting colleagues. Possibly he is lamenting the loss of his sunglasses — though I suspect more likely just to be tired…

More distinctive, though still trivial, is the fact that after years of passing through this place on a regular basis, this is the first of these blog posts to be definitively taken in Rochdale; we were stopped taking on passengers at that station. Place 176 on the official list, anyway.

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