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Lunch at the THETA conference

Wednesday 10th April 2013, 11.50am (day 594)

THETA lunch, 10/4/13

After the conference dinner last night, the conference lunch. It’s all about the free meals I tell you. But you don’t always get a table at which to sit.

Reasonably decent photo though this is, unfortunately, photography-wise, today was more effectively epitomised by the fact that first thing in the morning I dropped my camera onto the street, thus, a hard tarmac surface, and it did not come out unscathed. The lens has now got a very small, but (to me) painfully obvious, crack in it. I can conceal it to some extent by hiding it in a dark part of the photo, but it is there. On this photo it sits directly above the head of the woman in the centre of the photo, the second left person visible. That little dark, upside-down teardrop will appear on every single photo I take from this point until I get my lens repaired. Ergo, the job has to be done. I am back using an older camera as from tomorrow for at least a few days… but it’s just an instrument. I’ll get used to it again.

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Water feature, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart

Sunday 7th April 2013, 6.15pm (day 591)

MONA water feature, 7/4/13

As my mother has been known to say, I ‘do get about’. This week I have come to Hobart, Tasmania, for a conference. Tonight’s reception was held in MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art: one of the world’s largest totally privately funded museums.

This water feature was an interesting element – I don’t know if it’s ‘art’, but in a purely technical sense I have never seen anything like it before – the precision needed to create clear lettering (in Helvetica font, or something similar) from dropping curtains of water is quite impressive. The words have been picked at random from today’s headlines, apparently – but I don’t know what the Philippines have done to be worth recording in raindrops today.

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