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Hebden Halloween fun

Saturday 23rd October 2021, 12.35pm (day 3,712)

Shoulder pumpkin, 23/10/21

These two certainly look like they’re having a jolly time on their respective Saturday lunchtimes in Hebden Bridge. But perhaps they just feel about Halloween much the same as I do — it’s intrusive and over-the-top, and we could probably do without it.

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Choosing dinner

Sunday 12th March 2017, 4.45pm (day 2,026)

Dinner menus, 12/3/17

Uneventful Sunday due to having to work, after which the in-laws came round and took us out for dinner, which was nice. Here we study the menus attentively although four of the five diners all ate the same thing anyway (roast lamb). And very nice it was too.

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