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Reluctant to fly

Friday 5th August 2022, 3.35pm (day 3,998)

Fearful fledgling, 5/8/22

This pigeon nest has been under observation for a couple of days now, seeing as it resides just above the outdoor seating area in the pub, and for the duration, this fledgling has been receiving plenty of encouragement to leave it. Every so often it comes out, slithers around on the roof tile (some seven feet above the ground) for a while, cheeps in an alarmed fashion, then goes back inside. Mum, or possibly Dad, seems to be getting rather fed up with the whole thing. I can’t say I blame it. My one was off like a shot, first chance he got.

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Two ducks

Saturday 31st March 2012, 10.00am (day 219)

Two ducks, 31/3/12

A husband-and-wife team, I guessed. Saw no sign of ducklings, but it looks to me like they’re on the case.

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