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At the Food Festival (again)

Saturday 28th September 2019, 6.45pm (day, 2,956)

Food festival, 28/9/19

A Saturday night out in Manchester and, to start it, a return to the Food & Drink Festival also depicted (more abstractly) yesterday. On both days there were plenty of pleasant things to consume. Manchester makes its five-in-a-row: only the second time I have managed this, the first being in March 2014.

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Pizza cook

Saturday 27th October 2012, 2.50pm (day 429)

Pizza cook, 27/10/12

Beautifully sunny day today, the sort of day that makes you realise why we have autumn. We also have a ‘Food Festival’ in town at the moment, including a stall on which these gentlemen were making fresh pizza, and though I didn’t eat any it was definitely worth watching.

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