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Clare in her Halloween costume

Thursday 31st October 2013, 8.50pm (day 798)

Clare, Halloween, 31/10/13

Halloween is, of course, an over-commercial, Americanised piece of tosh, a festival of tat that in the UK risks supplanting our own home-grown folk festival at this time of year, the 5th November, Bonfire Night (and there will not be a celebration of that in Hebden Bridge this year due to ‘health and safety concerns’ — within my lifetime we may lose this event).

But none of that seemed to stop me attending a Halloween party tonight. Well, wouldn’t you, if this were your companion.

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Dancing devil

Friday 17th August 2012, 12.15pm (day 358)

Dancing devil, 17/8/12

Still off work, went to York for the day – a fine city with plenty to do and see (but lots, and lots, of people in the narrow streets). Could have presented a photo of the architectural glory that is the Minster (cathedral), the Roman ruins, some of the best-preserved city walls in Europe, the National Railway Museum… but instead, let’s go with this picture of a devil puppet, attached to a busker’s fiddle so it twitched and boogied as he played. Why? Because, I don’t know, it’s cute, and had no objection to having its picture taken.

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