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Cemetery, near Sellafield

Wednesday 5th September 2018, 12.50pm (day 2,568)

Churchyard, Sellafield, 5/9/18

I am posting this and tomorrow’s pic while lying in bed on Friday morning recovering from a two-day hike. Between 11.15am on Wednesday morning and 3.30pm on Thursday I walked 30 miles, which I calculate as an average of around 1.05 miles/hour even while I was asleep. No wonder I feel a little delicate this morning.

Anyway, looking back — it’s never easy to choose only one photo to encapsulate a day of varied landscapes and experience, but being very close to the delights of Sellafield nuclear power station (or ‘reprocessing plant’, or whatever it is these days) was certainly a significant feature of day 1. i was hard up against the perimeter fence at one point. It hisses, throbs, puts out strange noises and generally dominates everything round here in West Cumbria. So it can feature today, albeit in the background of this shot of the churchyard where I sat and had my lunch.

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Tree, Heptonstall churchyard

Monday 26th December 2016, 1.40pm (day 1,950)

Tree, Heptonstall, 26/12/16

Last day of my 10-day Christmas break. It was a sunny day, though cold and windy — but still a damn sight better than Boxing Day last year. It seems appropriate to pay some kind of homage to my home town on the first anniversary of the floods which took out 90% of the town centre on 26/12/15, but we seem mostly to be back in operation now. The underlying issues have not been addressed, but let’s hope it doesn’t rain overly hard in the lifetime of the present government.

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Churchyard, Middleham

Thursday 2nd June 2016, 4.45pm (day 1,743)

Middleham churchyard, 2/6/16

Middleham, North Yorkshire, is famous for two things: firstly being the former estate of King Richard III (‘my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse’ etc), secondly being the north of England’s premier racehorse training centre. Which facts mean it’s very medievally pretty and it basically smells of manure. Liked the churchyard though. It’s been a while since this blog did some good cemetery.

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