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Shelves for CDs, and other things

Sunday 28th June 2020, 12.55pm (day 3,230)

CD shelves, 28/6/20

It is getting difficult to sustain the (my, your) interest over the endless, repeated days of lockdown. Particularly when they are cold, grey and wet, like today. I sorted out and dusted the CD shelves: this is as exciting as it got. The extra decorations have always been there.

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Sunday 2nd February 2014, 1.45pm (day 892)

Shelfie, 2/2/14

God I’m bored. Someone get me out of this house. Meanwhile, here is a picture of our shelf, which I’m sure has enormous source material for the (pro or amateur) psychologist, or indeed, just the person who’s curious about my CD collection.

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