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Bone cave

Tuesday 16th July 2019, 6.05pm (day 2,882)

Bone cave, 16/7/19

Even less happened today than for the last two days, although this short period of purdah will end tomorrow. Isolation at home forced me to find subjects from the stuff around the house, like this — I mean, everyone has horned sheep skulls on their bedroom window sill, right?

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Rydal cave

Saturday 5th September 2015, 12.40pm (day 1,472)

Rydal cave, 5/9/15

Rydal cave, on the slopes of Loughrigg Fell, is the biggest cave in the Lake District. As A. Wainwright says in his Pictorial Guide, “there is room in here for the entire population of Ambleside (though admittedly many of them would be standing in water)”. It’s not a natural cave however; instead, it is the product of quarrying. I guess you need a certain confidence in the local geology to dig out such a big hole…

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