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Blackfriars station

Saturday 2nd February 2019, 10.25am (day 2,718)

Blackfriars station, 2/2/19

It’s not easy to argue against the premise that Blackfriars station, built on its own railway bridge over the river Thames, has one of the best views of any urban railway station — in Britain, only Durham really rivals it (*yet to appear on this blog….). I could have just poked my camera out of the window and, downriver, you’ll have seen the Tate Modern, the Shard (again), Canary Wharf, and — from further up the platform — Tower Bridge. And, as seen here, St. Paul’s. I did take that stock shot but it has, sort of, already appeared on this blog (on 1/11/13) so in the end I preferred this one, illustrating how most people who get on the train here probably don’t really care…

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London Blackfriars railway station

Friday 1st November 2013, 11.45am (day 799)

Blackfriars, 1/11/13

After the party, the journey home. I do this trip quite a lot. Since they finally removed the scaffolding from around Blackfriars station earlier this year, it really does have a bloody good view, up there with Circular Quay station in Sydney — but with slightly cleaner windows.

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