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View of the Hjeltefjord, from Tjeldstø

Saturday 8th June 2013, 3.05pm (day 653)

Hjeltefjorden, 8/6/13

I have started going to certain places simply because I think there’s a chance that I might get a decent photo. Tjeldstø is a village near the end of a chain of islands that extends into the North Sea to the north-west of Bergen (specifically, it is on the island of Alvøy). For 50km (32 miles) or so, as you drive up route 561 along a chain of bridges, things are much as you see here – rocks, water, sheep. Here’s my best attempt to encapsulate the region in one picture. What is missing are the twenty or so seabirds that were buzzing me at this point. Guys… I wasn’t after your nests, honestly. Just the photo.

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