Home, from 15,000 feet (approx.)

Sunday 5th February 2023, 12.30pm (day 4,182)

Hebden Bridge from above, 5/2/23

From leaving Gareth’s place in St Helena on Saturday morning, to arriving back in Hebden Bridge at about 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon, was a 28-hour journey. Had the pilot of the third aircraft felt like it, I could have been dropped off three hours earlier: but I probably wouldn’t have survived that experience. Nevertheless, here we are, directly over home, with my house just about visible to the bottom right of this image. Centre bottom is Heptonstall and up the valley curves to Midgehole and the woods of Hardcastle Crags. I don’t know whether we were actually at 15,000 feet here, but it’s a reasonable guess — if it looks lower, I did use a certain amount of zoom.

No more flights for a while now: there’s work to do at home. Well, at least until I go away again.

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3 thoughts on “Home, from 15,000 feet (approx.)

  1. Jim Earlam says:

    You did well to spot your home! not easy from an aeroplane

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