Rain (at £1.22/minute)

Monday 1st January 2018, 3.35pm (day 2,321)

Floodlights and rain, 1/1/18

2018 doesn’t get off to the greatest start, as our attempt to see a second football match in three days was thwarted by the weather; Accrington Stanley versus Morecambe being abandoned at half-time due to the rain. Although my suspicion is that the referee had a New Year’s hangover and just got pissed off with being drenched so couldn’t be bothered any more. During the half-time-interval-that-wasn’t, it in fact stopped raining. We, however, had paid £55 in total for two adult and one child’s entrance fees, so I make that £1.22/minute to watch some fourth-tier football that is now meaningless. They also suggest we should now pay another £25 to watch the replay. Previous positive feelings I had towards Accrington Stanley FC largely evaporated today.

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4 thoughts on “Rain (at £1.22/minute)

  1. footyhead says:

    that is outrageous they want you to pay £25 for the replay! Are they trying to get an empty stadium for the replay?!

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      So they say at the moment. There was some stink about this on Twitter last night however. So we will see if it stays. I suspect few Stanley fans are affected seeing as many will have season tickets; it will be Morecambe fans (and us few neutrals…) who end up paying it.

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      Also to clarify it would be £25 for the three of us who went (£10 adults, £5 concessions for the replay). But it still should be nothing, if we can produce tickets for the original match, which already cost £55 for three.

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