Stopover (brief)

Saturday 19th August 2017, 2.20pm (day 2,186)

Toronto, 19/8/17

I could leave this city unnamed, as a test of your geographical knowledge… but OK, it’s Toronto, meaning Canada makes its debut on the blog. However, the fact that I should have been in a position to capture this shot at least 90 minutes before I did suggests that this country’s national airline might have done a better job with punctuality today. What should have been a comfortable stopover with plenty of time for lunch became a 45-minute plummet through airport corridors and some quality time with US Customs and Border Protection (who seem to have colonised their friendly neighbour to the north already). This is not going to be the least stressful journey I have ever undertaken, and it’s only half done yet.

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One thought on “Stopover (brief)

  1. […] with the ‘establishing long shot’, but in a way I’ve already done that, as the Toronto skyline featured in August 2017, when I changed planes here on my way to Illinois to see the eclipse. So […]

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