The Great Halloween Plaster Disaster

Monday 31st October 2016, 2.30pm (day 1,894)

Halloween plaster disaster, 31/10/16

What was intended to be an uneventful day spent entirely working at home was interrupted by a huge crash from downstairs at about 10.00am, followed about thirty seconds later by another one. The cause  turned out to be two huge chunks of our living room ceiling having unexpectedly descended: old lath-and-plaster deciding after what was probably at least forty years, and maybe more, that it had all had enough. Fortunately no one was sat in there at the time. So, I still spent the day entirely working at home, only on unpaid manual labour instead of all that wishy-washy uni crap. This was a couple of hours into the clean-up operations — you should have seen it at the start…

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3 thoughts on “The Great Halloween Plaster Disaster

  1. harryalston says:


  2. […] put the curtains back up yet. But otherwise it is nice to be back in the living room after the Great Halloween Plaster Disaster three weeks ago. Hopefully this ceiling will stay up for a while. Like until […]

  3. […] this arrival? No — you wouldn’t think so if you’d lived for months after the Great Halloween Plaster Disaster by crunching bits of old gypsum underfoot every […]

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