St. James’ Street, Chinatown

Thursday 15th September 2016, 3.30pm (day 1,848)

St James' Street, 15/9/16

More glorious weather, though in fact that is not so unusual at this time of year. I have evidence, too: pictures from September 16th 2015 (not 15th, admittedly: glorious though….); 16/9/14 (beautiful!); 15/9/12 (great, and almost the first really fine day of a lousy summer)….

Not that I’m complaining. May there be more, particularly this Saturday, which I have to spend mostly standing in a field.

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One thought on “St. James’ Street, Chinatown

  1. Jeiv Reyes says:

    I really like your photo. Very realistic and mysterious.

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