Sunday 10th November 2013, 4.20pm (day 808)

Moon, 10/11/13

I swear I took this shot with my ordinary camera, without a tripod, from outside the pub this afternoon. I have beefed up the contrast, admittedly, but blimey. Looking at an astronomical atlas, my best guess is that the small crater just below centre, on the terminator, which shines particularly white is the crater of Wagner, at about 30 degrees South on the lunar surface. I make it less than 50 miles wide. So to be able to pick that up from, what are we, a quarter of a million miles away with an ordinary camera — sometimes you just have to admire the technology. In this case, beyond his ability to keep a steady hand, the photographer had very little to do with it.

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One thought on “Luna

  1. Lulu Purnell says:

    That is ridiculously amazing! Nice work!

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