Heroic plum tree

Friday 20th September 2013, 8.35am (day 757)

Plum tree, 20/9/13

Extraordinary harvest of fruit this year.  I swear we have had 14kg, or around 30lbs, of plums off this one tree in our garden this year. At one point a huge branch broke off it purely because of the weight of the fruit, and the branch you see here is being artificially propped up to ensure it does not share the same fate.

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2 thoughts on “Heroic plum tree

  1. […] yet, but they will come. Plums… for us will, I hope, be just as much in glut as they were two years ago. Believe me, if you live in Hebden Bridge and want cheap plums, give us a couple of weeks, we will […]

  2. […] both 2013 and 2015 our plum tree fruited in ludicrous profusion. In 2015 we were taking bags of fresh plums down to the pub and […]

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