Cathedral and Carbuncle

Monday 30th April 2012, 7.50am (day 249)

Manchester cathedral, 30/4/12

I put up this photo today for two reasons. The first is that I have been starved of sunlight for a week but here is evidence that the morning was a beautiful sunny one, and the whole day stayed reasonable. The last time I had a photo on this blog illuminated by sunshine was 21st April, and even that had just been a momentary break of sun in an otherwise rainy day.

The other thing is that I see this view of Manchester Cathedral every time I leave Victoria station, and keep thinking, OK, it’s not a particularly impressive church (the parish church in the Sussex village where I grew up is larger); but it is a cathedral, thus the centre of a bishopric, the ecclesiastical centre of this, a very large city, God’s house, all that jazz. And in 1974 or so someone went, ‘I’ve got an idea. Let’s build a sodding great white concrete thing right beind it.’

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