‘Drought’ in Hebden Bridge

Thursday 26th April 2012, 4.25pm (day 245)

Joe in rain, 26/4/12

The non-democratic British government, and the private capitalists they get to do their dirty work with public services, are so inept they can’t even do the weather right. Last week we were all told that the country currently resides in a state of drought. Since then it’s hardly stopped raining.

It’s not a ‘drought’, anyway. What we are being told is that the private water companies have inefficient water capture systems and a lack of any real conservation strategy. But that’s an undesirable message as far as they’re concerned, and one easy to spin into ‘It’s the Weather. Honest guv. It’s out of our hands.’ No it isn’t. If the government just gave everyone a water butt for free we could sort out a lot of the ‘problems’ by tomorrow morning.

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