Former Factory HQ, Manchester

Monday 5th March 2012, 8.05am (day 193)

Factory Records, 5/3/12

Walked a slightly different way to the office this morning; not a big deal, just a matter of going down a street parallel to the one I normally go down, but I very rarely do it. So I never noticed before that this building on the corner of Charles Street and Brook Street is the former HQ of Factory Records, the company that brought us Joy Division (World’s Greatest Ever Rock Band… it’s just a fact guys, live with it). I’m enough of a rock geek to think this is pretty cool.

Though not as geekily cool as having a photo of the exact phone box in which Withnail does his ‘No, I’m not in London… Penrith… Penrith!’ rant at his agent. But that’s another story.

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