Tom Baker

Saturday 21st January 2012, 2.20pm (day 149)

Tom Baker, 21/1/12

First day at home after 8 on the move, and so profoundly inactive (and light-free) that I was reduced to taking pictures of the DVDs I was watching.

Still, this shot is meaningful to me: like most British kids my age, I accord Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who near-divine status. I could claim that I was watching ‘The Deadly Assassin’ DVD today because of Joe, who does like the programme, but actually, he was out at a friend’s. I feel no shame.

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One thought on “Tom Baker

  1. Mark says:

    You’re so right! Tom Baker is the Definitive Doctor. It’s not up for discussion. Complex and layered, and mad as a box of frogs.

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