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The doorstep journey

Friday 21st May 2021, 11.30am (day 3,557)

Doorstep snail, 21/5/21

“Listen, I’m as pissed off as you it’s still very cold and wet for May. I have to forsake my usual comfortable haunts because the ground is too wet. And you’re not at risk of getting fatally stomped by random humans.”

Well, these are valid points. But it still let me stick my camera in its face.

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Spiral on stone

Tuesday 1st May 2018, 8.15am (day 2,441)

Snail on wall, 1/5/18

Just hanging out. I sometimes feel it would be nice to spend a pleasant morning, as it was today, just chilling out in a sunny spot.

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The snails get intimate

Friday 28th October 2016, 3.55pm (day 1,891)

Intimate snails, 28/10/16

“Hey baby. You’re cute. Wanna come see inside my shell?”

“Actually I’m more interested in how we both ended up six feet up a stone wall…”

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Doorstep visitor

Wednesday 17th June 2015, 9.25am (day 1,392)

Snail, 17/6/15

A metaphor for my own day working at home? As it took this mollusc ninety minutes to cross the doorstep this morning, perhaps.

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Just oozin’ around

Thursday 8th May 2014, 9.00am (day 987)

Snail, 8/5/14

It’s been a good few days for wildlife shots. Believe it or not, this photo was taken at Hebden Bridge railway station — the moss here being located at the top of the wall near the place where I always stand at platform 1. No crawling around required. I love the languid way it has draped itself over the sprig of moss.

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