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Up in the air

Thursday 5th March 2020, 12 noon (day 3,115)

Scissor lift, 5/3/20

I am very unsure that I would have such seemingly nonchalant faith in engineering as these guys. Nor that I would function well in a job that required me to put my faith to the test very often. But that is one reason why I do not have such a job.

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Scissor lift, Nutclough Mill

Friday 21st March 2014, 9.20am (day 939)

Scissor lift, 21/3/14

The extension, to the left of this shot, is now clad and glazed and presumably will start being decorated inside sometime soon. At this time in the morning the sun shines rather well down the narrow channel that has been left between it and the main, Victorian mill building to the right. (Notice also the red van that has snuck into the top of the shot, an indication of the sometimes surreal configuration of the streets and buildings in this town.)

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