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Thursday 13th May 2021, 5.30pm (day 3,549)

Saluki, 13/5/21

I don’t mind dogs on the whole but I’m never going to make myself responsible for one, and there are plenty of people who seem to think I should find their pets as endearing as they do. But these salukis — this is one of a matched pair — were OK, attractive animals I thought. If I’ve got the breed wrong blame the info I got from the owner.

When I put the tag in, and something else came up under ‘Saluki’, it was — where, when? But now I check I see it was the name of a train in Illinois. After nearly ten years doing this, sometimes things get forgotten.

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View from the ‘Saluki’

Sunday 20th August 2017, 10.15am (day 2,187)

Gilman, Illinois, 20/8/17

The ‘Saluki’ is the name Amtrak give to the 8.15am service that runs the length of the state of Illinois, from Chicago down to Carbondale in the south. I am reliably informed that this gas station sits in Gilman, Illinois, where for no particular reason — Amtrak trains often seem to stop for no particular reason — we halted for a moment or two on this Sunday morning.

Are there maybe too many wires in this shot? Are the perpendiculars not quite what they could be? Yes to both, but I still quite like this shot. Gives my day an ‘on the road’ feeling. Have you worked out why I’m in southern Illinois yet? Well, I’m sure you will do so tomorrow.

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