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In the fjord

Sunday 3rd June 2012, 11.50am (day 283)

Fjord, 3/6/12

So, finally, I make it into the fjords. This is a narrow passage between the little islands of Paddøy and Hokøyna, north of Bergen on the route up to Mofjorden. I don’t really feel I did the Norwegian landscape justice with any single photo taken today, partly because of a simple lack of good light, and also because for most of the journey we were either on a boat which was moving very quickly (some 30-35 knots), and thus being out on deck was a bracing experience to put it mildly – and focusing was difficult as a result. Or, we were behind glass on the bus home. And how can one choose just one shot to encapsulate this amazing natural architecture. I know, then, that here I do resort to cliché. But what the hell.

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