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May Day street party

Monday 1st May 2017, 4.30pm (day 2,076)

Street party, 1/5/17

Am I making a political point? Well…. not as strongly as I certainly would have twenty years ago, and probably would have ten years ago. But it is May 1st, International Labour Day and all that, and at least this party don’t have plans to abolish it, like the other lot of moronocrats. Vote L…. well, just vote, is all.

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Thursday 23rd June 2016, 6.35pm (day 1,764)

Voted, 23/6/16

Maybe this is all some big Establishment charade but at least for once today, I can say that I voted in favour of something I strongly believe in.

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Political process

Thursday 22nd May 2014, 8.50am (day 1,001)

Polling station, 22/5/14

If you live in the UK, I hope that today you used your vote in the European elections. To paraphrase a FB friend of mine it is one of the few moments at which you can still feel democracy has a pulse.

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