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Dust and poppies

Friday 11th June 2021, 10.10am (day 3,578)

Dust and poppies, 11/6/21

A day working at home, and so a day where, photographically, all I really had to go on once more was other people working. But I like the poppies peeking into the corner, they set off the picture nicely. And, it’s now the weekend….

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Stone grinding

Thursday 19th April 2018, 11.05am (day 2,429)

Angle ginder, 16/4/18

A warm, sunny day: though those who were enjoying a cup of tea on the terrace outside the Old Gate pub had a rather dustier few minutes than they might otherwise have had, thanks to this guy. Dust and sun — always good for a photo, though.

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St. George’s Bridge

Saturday 30th November 2013, 12.10pm (day 828)

St George's bridge, 30/11/13

It’s St. Andrew’s Day, but this is St. George’s bridge over the Hebden Water, built by the Victorians. The ‘mist’ is in fact dust, caused by someone attacking what seemed like most of a monument with an angle grinder, but I wasn’t complaining.

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