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Temporary caring responsibilities

Monday 11th July 2022, 7.50am (day 3,973)

“Who are you then? I haven’t seen you before.” Nope; and they won’t see me again: but this morning I found myself temporarily responsible for these (roughly) six-week-old chickens, living still in their plastic incubator and definitely in need of plenty of liquid on these hot days. I conducted roll call, watered them and left them to it.

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In the incubator

Wednesday 18th April 2012, 6.05pm (day 237)

Baby chicks, 18/4/12

Awww. These chicks hatched today, in an incubator located in Joe’s after-school club.

Incidentally, this is only the second photo of the whole blog taken on a camera other than my Fujifilm Finepix JZ which has taken all the other 234 or whatever-it-is pictures. The first one was when I borrowed the Nikon for my ‘professional development’ photo shoot in the woods with Joe. This one was on a very basic camera borrowed from the school, because I broke the cardinal rule – ALWAYS take the camera. Really. Always. You don’t think you’ll see something worth photographing when you pick the kid up from school? Wrong.

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