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After the goal

Sunday 28th April 2013, 4.15pm (day 612)

Brisbane v Melbourne, 28/4/13

My second trip to the Gabba to see the Brisbane Lions, who today won their second game of the season by about 35 points over the Melbourne Demons, who are even less good it seems. Nice day though, nice afternoon. The Demons had just scored here, hence their noticeably perkier shoulders compared to the maroon, blue and yellow-clad Lions, but there was plenty of time left in the game to secure the win.

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In the crowd at The Gabba

Saturday 6th April 2013, 4.45pm (day 590)

The Gabba, 6/4/13

One of the world’s more well-known cricket grounds, but Joe and I were not there to see cricket – the Lions are Brisbane’s local AFL team (Australian Rules Football) and we were both making our debuts there as they hosted the Adelaide Crows. AFL – yeah, an interesting sport, better than rugby, more flowing, but still gives you the opportunity to see large Antipodean men climbing on and hitting each other. I did get a couple of reasonable pictures of the action, but I like this shot: the kid seems to be wondering why his hand isn’t like the big red one to his right. It also encapsulates the fact that there were many family groups there, far more than you’d see at a football match in England.

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