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Beach time

Thursday 28th July 2016, 2.20pm (day 1,799)

Beach time, 28/7/16

Some people insist on doing this kind of thing every day on their holidays. I have never been one of them, but occasionally I indulge. Pictured at Praia da Rainha (Queen’s Beach), Cascais.

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On the train to London

Sunday 13th December 2015, 2.30pm (day 1,571)

Train to London, 13/12/15

I have a day’s work to do down south tomorrow, and it was easier (and cheaper) to travel down this afternoon rather than getting up at 6am tomorrow morning. Though as my single-serving companion reflects, it’s still a good opportunity to grab a kip, even if one is trying to do some work on the Mac, while drinking a glass of wine (note: wine not paid for by British taxpayer).

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Old BBC site, Manchester

Friday 9th October 2015, 9.40am (day 1,506)

Old BBC building, 9/10/15

Little seems to have happened to the site of the old BBC building since the structure was removed three years ago. My confident (but wholly ironic) prediction that it might get turned into eco-friendly affordable housing seems as far away as ever.

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