The Hand of Stoke

Saturday 18th August 2018, 12.15pm (day 2,550)

Hand of Stoke, 18/8/18

Finding myself on Stoke-on-Trent railway station for half an hour today, and time therefore to ponder this sculpture: not so much why is it there at all (for there should be more public art if you ask me), but why tuck it down the very far end of platform 2 where hardly anyone ever goes?

The blue post may seem an intrusion but I like it. The photo becomes a study of the various lines going both across and down.

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3 thoughts on “The Hand of Stoke

  1. I haven’t been on a train from stoke in years so didn’t even know it was there…and I live in Stoke!

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      🙂 Well there you go then…. It’s way down the platform on the Manchester train side

      • Yes, I knew it was the Manchester side. The trouble is ifvyoh want to go to manchester for the evening, say to the theatre or a concert there are no trains back late at night, they all go to Crewe which is miles away (unless things have changed) stoke seems to be a backwater in railway terms.

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