The December non-league experience

Saturday 23rd December 2017, 4.35pm (day 2,312)

Mossley AFC fog, 23/12/17

Latest stop on my 2017-18 tour of the football competitions of the UK, to the Northern Premier League Division 1 North, at Seel Park, Mossley: a game with two distinctions by the end. Number one, it was the foggiest game I have ever seen, in danger of being abandoned throughout most of the second half as it was becoming difficult to see from one side of the pitch to the other.

But I’m glad it wasn’t abandoned, as were the 217 other fans in the ground with me, because the second distinction was that this game had more goals in it than any other I have seen in my life, nine to be precise: result was Mossley 5, Kendal Town 4. An absolute cracker of a game from start to finish. I really am starting to wonder why it’s necessary to pay the Premier League premium to be entertained (which I was not, particularly, last Saturday). Thank you to everyone involved with this game in fact, for giving me a quite excellent pre-Christmas day out.

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5 thoughts on “The December non-league experience

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  3. footyhead says:

    Hiya, we’ve linked this article to a piece we’ve written about the festive season fixture list

    Do you have a twitter account by any chance, so we can promote your site alongside our piece? Many thanks.

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      That’s great, thanks! I have a Twitter account I use for work (@DrewWhitworth1) but I don’t promote this blog on it

      • footyhead says:

        Ah ok, no problem. I won’t link to your work one. I also try to keep work – blogging life separate. Either way, hopefully we’ll drive a bit of traffic to your blog. I’ll keep a look out for your football posts in the future. We’re keen to cover a range of football experiences and opinions, not just Premier league ones.

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