Wild garlic

Sunday 20th May 2012, 2.15pm (day 269)

Wild garlic, 20/5/12

I’ve totally discovered this plant (also known as ramsons) this year, thanks to Joe, as it happens. I sort of always knew it was there but he was shown it on a school trip and the fact that you can just pick it up and eat the leaves from the ground – and they taste delicious – appealed to him; and to me, too. And it’s lovely in salads. Or the stems gently fried. And free. And it grows everywhere.

Just imagine if you could actually subsist on this stuff. They’d find someway to privatise it, for sure. I always think the same about blackberries, another lovely free food.

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One thought on “Wild garlic

  1. I was also introduced to wild garlic this year and i have to agree it is delicious and is freely and widely available.

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