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Monument to megalomania

Sunday 2nd February 2020, 11.30am (day 3,083)

Palace of the Parliament, 2/2/20

Nicolae Ceausescu, who ruled Romania from 1965 until he spectacularly lost control in late December 1989, was one of the most unilateral dictators of any that have ever seized power, running the country like his own personal fiefdom. Towards the end of his reign he commissioned this monstrosity, the Palace of the Parliament, as a monument to his own ambition. Apparently it is the largest parliamentary building anywhere in the world, and also the world’s heaviest building at some four billion kilos (thank you Wikipedia). It was something to look at on my final morning as I prepared to leave Bucharest; the mare’s-tails in the sky suggesting that the very mild weather I have enjoyed there is coming to an end…

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Enjoying the sunshine

Saturday 1st February 2020, 1.25pm (day 3,082)

Romanian cat, 1/2/20

Glorious day in Bucharest, sunny and around 17ÂșC. Surely the warmest 1st February I have experienced anywhere except Brisbane in 2013, and that doesn’t count. I was not the only one taking this opportunity to relax.

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Politehnica Metro station

Friday 31st January 2020, 2.45pm (day 3,081)

Politehnica metro, 31/1/20

I like Metros. Bucharest’s doesn’t have the grandeur and Art Deco sensibilities of the Moscow one, being more of a 1970s functionalist design, but it’s still got these long, open halls that are a great improvement over the rabbit warren that is the London Underground. I think I’ve got this shot pretty symmetrical, except of course for the TV screens, but those aren’t my fault.

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People’s Salvation Cathedral, Bucharest

Thursday 30th January 2020, 11.45am (day 3,080)

Bucharest cathedral, 30/1/20

Welcome to Romania — a new country for me, and the 40th to appear on this blog (allowing for my splitting up the component parts of the UK: a move which may yet prove prophetic, of course). I did not leave the conference venue all day, so more intimate shots of the city of Bucharest will have to wait, but this building was in view from there, as it is from most of the city. This is the People’s Salvation Cathedral, proof that not all the big houses of worship in the world are medieval; this was being planned 150 years ago, but was not actually started until 2010 and as is apparent on this shot, is not finished yet. It is the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the world.

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