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Pyongyang (or, Milton Keynes)

Wednesday 24th July 2019, 4.40pm (day 2,890)

Pyongyang MK, 24/7/19

This blog (and my general sanity) depends on a steady drip-feed of new places to explore and photograph. This place is one of the weirder ones: Milton Keynes, the new city built from the 1960s on, and now a very strange mix of comfortable suburbia and stark brutalist architecture that looks to me like I expect Pyongyang, North Korea to look. This is particularly true around the railway station, which is to my right as I took this shot (but architecturally is much the same).

I may be coming back more times in the future if a work collaboration comes to fruition, but if I do, I will need to find ways to get my head around Milton Keynes…. at the moment it just confuses me.

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