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High summer, Rhyl

Thursday 12th July 2018, 4.45pm (day 2,513)

Rhyl, 12/7/18

One can expect many of the small seaside towns of Britain to look fairly desolate on, say, a wet Tuesday in February. But Rhyl, North Wales, where I happened to find myself this evening, manages to look like this in mid-July at the end of the sunniest period in a couple of decades. It’s quite an achievement.

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Bus stop on the moor

Monday 4th September 2017, 5.45pm (day 2,202)

Bleak bus stop, 4/9/17

There must be bus stops something like this one in Hell. It’s the blanket that gets me, too. What was I doing here at 5.45 on a Monday? Well, there could be many reasons.

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