Sunday 5th April 2020, 1.10pm (day 3,146)

Equus, 5/4/20

Amongst the ways we are passing the time at home is to watch a movie each evening, and last night’s happened to be Equus, the worthy and very good 1970s play about a boy who worships horses, and the psychiatrist who starts thinking that maybe he has a point. I too think that horses know more than they let on to us. This one virtually galloped up to me this afternoon as I walked past and demanded that I do its close-ups.

Today’s statutorily permitted ‘one piece of exercise’ got me over into Luddenden, a valley that is next-door, but definitively not ‘Hebden Bridge’. So HB’s run of consecutive shots ends at 14, not quite giving it the blog record which therefore remains Brisbane’s 15 pictures in a row in 2013. But no one’s going anywhere very far in the next month or so, I imagine, so we’ll give it another try, starting tomorrow…

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