The press box, Annan Athletic FC

Saturday 29th July 2017, 4.50pm (day 2,165)

Annan press box, 29/7/17

With no desire to go out tramping on the fells again today, it was time to turn to the other thing I have started collecting lately, obscure football grounds: we looked at the map to see what games were being played and the selection was Annan Athletic FC v Ayr United in the Scottish League Cup. It paid off in terms of goals, with the visitors winning 6-1 (not that it seemed that Annan, or their fans, were particularly bothered by this). The local radio commentators were the most excited people in the ground it seemed, perhaps explained by the fact that the guy third from the left must be all of about sixteen years old. But I guess this isn’t a bad job to have: hanging around obscure football grounds on Saturday afternoons is increasingly appealing to me, so this may well be me in a few more years’ time, at least in some form.


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