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Working the lock

Wednesday 27th August 2014, 12.05pm (day 1,098)

Canal lock, 27/8/14

An uneventful day, but at least the canal in Hebden Bridge usually comes up with some kind of animated scene, particularly at the moment when the summer tourist traffic is coming through. This family seemed proficient enough at working the lock. I wonder if the kid realises that two hundred years ago, all things being equal, he’d have been doing that full-time.

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Ingleborough from the Hawes-Ingleton road

Tuesday 26th August 2014, 11.25am (day 1,097)

Ingleborough, 26/8/14

So what to do, and which picture to pick, to mark my birthday, and the point at which the title of this blog is now three years out of date? I’m off work this week so hired a car and took the family up to the Yorkshire Dales, a place which used to play a big part in my life but since 26/8/11 has failed to feature in it. I lived full-time in the Dales national park from October 1991 until September 1994 (and some part-time living after that); in summer 1994, 20 years ago now, I worked in a pub in Chapel-le-Dale, which is about two miles down the road from this point, beneath the western slope of that gorgeous lump of rock you see ahead of you, Ingleborough. A nice trip back to mark this particular anniversary. Happy 45th birthday to me and welcome to the fourth year of this blog.

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Garden produce

Monday 25th August 2014, 1.05pm (day 1,096)

Garden produce, 25/8/14

Always nice when the garden starts paying off to some extent. Plums, apples, potatoes, picked up at the allotment on this drizzly late August afternoon.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, which means two things, first that the title of this blog is going to be three years out of date, and therefore, that I have managed to document three full years of my life as of today. Exactly one-fifteenth of it in fact. It’s another point when I might have considered stopping, but there are enough things coming up that will be interesting to document so I’m not bored enough yet. See you tomorrow.

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Sunday 24th August 2014, 3.10pm (day 1,095)

Carp, 24/8/14

One day short of three years doing this blog and there’s still some scope for novelty — pretty sure that yesterday’s cover stars were the first cattle to feature and here’s the first fish. It and its fellows live in the garden of my friend Doug, in Wetherby (where we were a year ago today, too).

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On the summit of Gummer’s How

Saturday 23rd August 2014, 2.25pm (day 1,094)

Gummer's How summit, 23/8/14A walk in the Lakes. Specifically, around the southern tip of Windermere. Generally a very nice day except for about 90 minutes of clouds and squally drizzle around lunchtime; at the point this photo was taken things were mostly cleared up. This is the summit of Gummer’s How, a small peak at the end of the lake, and famous (rightly) for its view. These Luing cattle live permanently on the fell and maintain the flora, so we are informed by the noticeboard at the point where the path leaves the road, anyway.

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Tree and gate

Friday 22nd August 2014, 9.30am (day 1,093)

Tree and gate, 22/8/14

Maybe it would be a better shot if it was just the tree, or just the gate. But it’s what it is. Last day of a week spent mostly at home.

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Bin day

Thursday 21st August 2014, 8.50am (day 1,092)

Bins and sofa, 21/8/14

Thursday on Keighley Road is when the bin men come. Our neighbour was feeling ambitious this time round.

This is a rare ‘photowhack': the one and only photo I took on a given day. That’s how exciting 21/8/14 really was.

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Under the tables

Wednesday 20th August 2013, 5.45pm (day 1,091)

Under the table, 20/8/14

The hardest thing about keeping this blog going on a daily basis is carrying on finding inspiration on days like this, spent working at home. It’s easy when I’m on the road. This week I was supposed to be going to Sweden again, but it’s been cancelled due to a colleague’s illness. So in the absence of that kind of thing, here’s another picture of the tables outside the pub on a nice sunny evening.

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The Hebden Water

Tuesday 19th August 2014, 8.15am (day 1,090)

Hebden Water, 19/8/14

Tempting as it is to simply stick up a picture of the scoreboard that concluded tonight’s football match at Elland Road (Leeds Utd 0, Brighton & Hove Albion 2 – yes!)… this is the best non-partisan shot I got today. A beautiful morning in town.

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Scaffolding, Oxford Road

Monday 18th August 2014, 1.55pm (day 1,089)

Scaffolding, 18/8/14

Not very exciting I know, but then there’s not much outwardly going on at the moment on campus — though seeing as the A-level results are out, probably rather more behind the scenes. There is a sort of underlying green-ness to this shot that I quite like, however.

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