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Finishing off the National Graphene Institute

Monday 27th April 2015, 9.45am (day 1,341)

NGI, 27/4/15

If it’s Monday, it is usually Manchester. I have three routes from station to office, and two of them pass this building, which is still being finished off. So it is likely to make more appearances on the blog yet (after having last appeared here, back in November).

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Spring growth

Sunday 26th April 2015, 2.10pm (day 1,340)

Spring growth, 26/4/15

Although a little colder than it has been today was another nice day, somewhat in defiance of the weather forecast. I like this shot because of the impressive vertical of the trunk on the right and the feeling it gives of the tree shooting upwards; plus the roof sneaking in the background, that’s very Hebden Bridge.

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Loyd and Ellie

Saturday 25th April 2015, 1.20pm (day 1,339)

Loyd and Ellie, 25/4/15

A happy Christening day to Ellie (Eleanor Mary) who becomes the youngest person to appear on the blog twice (after this shot last January). Father Loyd last appeared on his wedding day, so you see, they’re doing it all in the order they’re supposed to.

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Ballot paper

Friday 24th April 2015, 3.55pm (day 1,338)

Ballot paper, 24/4/15

I have applied for a postal vote because I’m not at home on 7th May, and it arrived today. Technically, I could vote right now. Do you think much will happen over the next 13 days which could make me change my mind? (Who knows, it might even be for the World Peace Through Song party.)

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King’s Cross

Thursday 23rd April 2015, 9.35am (day 1,337)

King's Cross, 23/4/15

This isn’t the first photo of the atrium at King’s Cross to appear on here and I doubt it’ll be the last. As I said to my colleague yesterday, the rebuilding was done so well that it has become a place where I actually choose to spend time, happily arriving comfortably early for a train.

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A drink after work

Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 7.00pm (day 1,336)

Woodin's Shades, 22/4/15

Another work trip to London — I have several of these coming up. No real opportunities for photography during the day, I’m afraid, but while waiting in the pub after work for my friend to turn up I started taking photos of the other customers. I’m not particularly satisfied with this shot but it’ll do, I guess. I like the guy’s look, though. Sort of like a 1970s revolutionary crossed with Carlos Santana.

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Outside the NFM

Tuesday 21st April 2015, 8.50am (day 1,335)

Outside NFM, 21/4/15As I try to keep cranking up the creativity levels on days that otherwise mundane and work-filled, it helps if a) the light is right (continued glorious weather throughout the UK) and b) someone walks across the shot at just the right moment.

(Note also how the Co-operative Group have subliminally got their branding into the picture.)

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Ferris Wheel, outside University Place

Monday 20th April 2015, 4.45pm (day 1,334)

Ferris wheel, 20/4/15

Portions of the University of Manchester campus were today turned into a temporary fairground (some might say the whole place is permanently like that, in spirit), in support, apparently, of the campaign to get students to register to vote. This Ferris wheel sat outside the University Place building all day, looking like some kid had built it from a Meccano set — you wouldn’t have got me on it. But then again this is true of all Ferris wheels. I’ll take pictures of them, not from them.

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At the farmers’ market

Sunday 19th April 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,333)

Marsh Top, 19/4/15

Well, you can see from the labels what these guys do. And they do it very well. One of my more catatonic days today — but I shopped, and to good effect I think. One third of my way through the second thousand photos.

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Wigan 2, Brighton 1

Saturday 18th April 2015, 4.10pm (day 1,332)

Wigan v Brighton, 18/4/15

Back in November 2013 I mentioned that the town of Wigan had lost a chance to appear on the blog (preferring on the day a picture of scaffolding in Hebden Bridge). So here it is, the 138th different location to appear on this blog, yes, I do count these things.  I could talk about the football match that drew me there but I’m not going to. Let the symbolism of the picture suffice, the three players captured under the shadow of the DW Stadium’s west stand.

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