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Packing for Kilimanjaro

Thursday 23rd July 2015, 1.50pm (day 1,428)

Kili kit, 23/7/15 OK, we’re finally here. I’m off tomorrow for the first stages of a trip that on Sunday 2nd August should culminate with me reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, at 19,340 feet (5,895 meters). I’m not taking the laptop so there will be a two-week hiatus in the blogging, but hopefully not in the picture-taking — I have a backup camera just in case…  I’m certainly ready, in fact I feel like I am just hanging around and am very keen to get on with it. So let’s do it. I’m back late on 6th August, will probably be spending all day on the 7th sorting out the social media, so expect to hear from me again then. In the mean time, if you would like to support my fundraising cause, the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team, feel free to visit my sponsorship page: every little helps and all monies raised will go to the CVSRT.

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Bradford city centre

Wednesday 22nd July 2015, 3.10pm (day 1,427)

Bradford City Park, 22/7/15

Downtown Bradford has been a hole for a while now, a big building site that carved out the centre of the city and then stopped evolving for years, because the money ran out. But there seems to have been some movement on it lately, which is good for Bradford’s sake and also because it generally indicates that public infrastructure projects have not yet quite died a death in this country — though perhaps this one was just too embarrassing to leave half-completed.

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Abandoned farm

Tuesday 21st July 2015, 11.25am (day 1,426)

Clough Head Farm, 21/7/15

Estate agents would describe this as ‘in a highly desirable location with a world-class view, but in need of renovation and lacking certain amenities’. In other words it isn’t on a road and doesn’t have mains anything, which is probably why it’s been abandoned for many years. This is Clough Head Farm, off the Widdop road above Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge. I’m still in training for the walk I will begin a week from today.

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Clifford’s Tower, York

Monday 20th July 2015, 3.40pm (day 1,425)

Americans at Clifford's Tower, 20/7/15

First weekday of Joe’s school summer holiday and first weekday of my break too. Took him to York. This is Clifford’s Tower, which in 1190 was the scene of a notorious suicide/massacre by hundreds of persecuted Jews, and has been more-or-less in ruins since someone accidentally set fire to it in 1684. Today, venue for a school party of Americans to be conducted by their teacher (below) in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. Tuneless — as ‘Happy Birthday’ always is when sung, fewer tunes are massacred more often.

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Still life in pub

Sunday 19th July 2015, 3.55pm (day 1,424)

Pub still life, 19/7/15

One of the most indolent days of this year, or indeed any year. So be it. I’ll be active enough in a few days’ time.

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Clare, Joe and insects

Saturday 18th July 2015, 8.10pm (day 1,423)

Clare and joe, 18/7/15

Walking home after a barbecue at a friend’s house. I like this photo partly because of the way the sunset light has caught the clouds of insects accompanying us on our journey, but also because when Clare saw this on the camera she went “bloody hell, he’s as tall as I am”. Which is true, now she comes to mention it.

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Duck with quiff

Friday 17th July 2015, 5.55pm (day 1,422)

Muscoy duck, 17/5/15

Wouldn’t you like your hair to be that carefully coiffed on a daily basis — particularly if you lived rough in the centre of town. I am sure this is Hebden’s original Muscovy duck, as opposed to one of the additional group that arrived last year — compare it to this shot for example. Which puts it ahead of Tara the pub dog as the first animal to appear five times on the blog (and only four people, including myself, have appeared more often).

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Road works sign, early morning

Thursday 16th July 2015, 6.25am (day 1,421)

Roadwork sign, 16/7/15

I have been re-reading Gerry Badger’s superb book, The Genius of Photography, a fascinating history of the medium. Last time I did this I went all social realist on this blog and decided I was taking away these commentaries and letting the images speak for themselves. This lasted about a week after I received a surprising number of complaints both directly and indirectly. So don’t worry, I’m not going to do that again.

But Badger’s book does always make me ask, just why am I doing this? What is it I’m trying to create? Is it art? Am I making a statement about the world? I think the answer has to be no, I’m not an artist. But what I am is a blogger, a diarist: I’ve kept a journal for over thirty years now (yes, every day), and this blog has become an extension of it into the visual medium, and also a public medium. I hope I create pictures that are aesthetically pleasing along the way — a body of photographic work if you like, after all, I take so many that some of them are going to be half decent. But just as important is the accumulated narrative. This blog depicts the world as I see it each day, no more, no less. No photos are posed or staged, and all light is what I have to work with on the spot. And that’s what I do.

I doubt it’ll make much impact on the history of photography or be noticed by Gerry Badger should he ever write a second edition of his book, but it gives me a sense of my own place in the world, and that’s what gives it value.

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Skate park, empty

Wednesday 15th July 2015, 8.30am (day 1,420)

Skate park, 15/7/15

Walked to the station this morning past the skate park, which in the pleasant sunshine looked clean, and colourful, and I liked the shapes and lines and variety of the decorations. Of course, I have also captured it empty, and devoid of life, because it’s there to be used, not least by skateboarders. Maybe paying homage to the other people’s art — a valid way of using the park if you ask me — is what I’m doing here.

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End of the day

Tuesday 14th July 2015, 5.40pm (day 1,419)

End of the day, 14/7/15

Three days of work to go. For me, that is. This is how I feel.

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