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Sunday 1st February 2015, 10.55am (day 1,256)

Hillside, 1/2/15

As viewed from our allotment this morning. I alleviated the pain of yesterday’s football by going out and tilling the land, or something like that. A sunny day, but cold, to greet February.

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Bloomfield Road, Blackpool (the glamour shot)

Saturday 31st January 2015, 1.05pm (day 1,255)

Bloomfield Road, 1/2/15

The second season in a row where I’ve made the Blackpool v Brighton picture, and hence this stadium’s second appearance on the blog. My rather negative feelings about Blackpool were not helped by the lousy game and lousy result (a 1-0 defeat after a gutless performance). This shot of the stadium epitomises it all.

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Clare and her Lego lady

Friday 30th January 2015, 4.50pm (day 1,254)

Clare & lego lady, 30/1/15

Whether inspired by me or not, Clare now has a photo blog of her own where she intends to post a photo of a Lego figure every day for a year. Our paths were bound to coincide at some point. Took 30 days.

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Rooves and windows, Hebden Bridge

Thursday 29th January 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,253)

Rooves and windows, 29/1/15

As seen from the back of my house — which I did not leave today. Too much marking to do, and too cold, though not the snow fall that was forecast.

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More winter

Wednesday 28th January 2015, 3.30pm (day 1,252)

Hail storm, 28/1/15This hail storm was just the prelude, so the forecasts say. All of last week’s snow disappeared overnight on Monday — but it seems this week’s is well on the way.

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Tuesday 27th January 2015, 4.10pm (day 1,251)

Spectre, 27/1/15

A somewhat disquieting vision outside the White Lion this afternoon. Perhaps the scythe is in the backpack.

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St. Peter’s Square building site

Monday 26th January 2015, 5.00pm (day 1,250)

St Peter's Square, 26/1/15

Sometimes one must just acknowledge that all the pictures taken on a given day were a bit crap one way or another. This at least epitomises the fact that most of Manchester city centre is currently a building site. Don’t get used to seeing it though — the rest of the week I’m at home, marking. Things will liven up again soon I hope.

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Poole and Bowman

Sunday 25th January 2015, 9.40pm (day 1,249)

Bowman and Poole, 25/1/15

Cheat it may be to take a photo of a cinema screen, but I don’t care. This is, quite definitely, one of the best half-dozen movies ever made, and tonight it was playing not ten minutes’ walk from my house. These things matter.

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On Watch Hill

Saturday 24th January 2015, 11.05am (day 1,248)

On Watch Hill, 24/1/15

Time for a walk. Watch Hill is near Cockermouth, Cumbria. This is my Zen landscape shot. More will appear on my walking blog in due course (probably tomorrow).

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Bex and friends, Friday night

Friday 23rd January 2015, 6.05pm (day 1,247)

Bex and friends, 23/1/15

It’s Friday night, and more than welcome. Bex (Rebecca) is the one in the centre by the way. Have a good weekend.

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