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Russell Square

Tuesday 16th September 2014, 2.00pm (day 1,118)

Russell Square, 16/9/14

Had a meeting down in London today — where it was still, very definitely, summer, despite the fallen leaves.

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Sometimes I just walk out and gaze at the sun

Monday 15th September 2014, 9.35am (day 1,117)

Sungazing, 15/9/14

Sometimes you just see a shot, and have about five seconds and one chance to capture it before it goes away (in this case because the guy simply stepped back inside through the window to his left). They don’t always come out as hoped, but this one did. Played for and got.

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Watching ‘Pulp Fiction’

Sunday 14th September 2014, 8.10pm (day 1,116)

Watching Pulp Fiction, 14/9/14

Hebden Bridge’s best community asset is its superb cinema, particularly as it is still council- rather than corporate-owned. I particularly think this when it spends the evening showing a 20-year old film just because it’s a great movie and deserves — as do all movies — to be seen on a big screen, as the director intended. And the bit when Marvin’s head gets blown off is still one of the funniest and most bad-taste deaths in cinema history.

OK, this shot’s a bit fuzzy, but hey, you try getting something under these conditions…. Actually I quite like this one.

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Balloon cemetery

Saturday 13th September 2014, 11.20am (day 1,115)

Burst balloons, 13/9/14

Why were there a dozen burst balloons on our bathroom floor this morning? I could tell you, but then I’d have to, well, you know.

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Waiting for the morning bus

Friday 12th September 2014, 7.50am (day 1,114)

Bus stop, Stavanger, 12/9/14

Last day in Stavanger. I was waiting for my bus back to the airport, and on the other side of the road, these guys were waiting for their bus to, wherever. I’m home now — and hopefully, so are they.

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Jürgen Habermas

Thursday 11th September 2014, 12.50pm (day 1,113)

Habermas, 11/9/14

There is nothing to admire technically or aesthetically about this picture but this is one of those occasions where it makes it onto this blog because it truly encapsulates the day and tells a story. Back at the turn of the millennium I wrote my PhD on the work of this guy, Jürgen Habermas, who I — and a lot of other people — would say is the world’s greatest living political theorist. Largely through coincidence he was giving a public lecture in Stavanger this week when I happened to be here, so I got the chance, after all this time, not just to hear him talk but meet him and question him on his work. The musical equivalent (for me) would be to, say, have turned up somewhere random and found Ian Curtis or Jello Biafra giving a gig (and the former has been dead for 34  years). And another thing — Habermas is 85 years old but is also a brilliant advert for never ever retiring, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone his age who’s so hale and mentally alert, and also still obviously gives a crap about everything. Yes, we can say that today, I met one of the heroes of my life and was certainly not disappointed.  Not bad for a Thursday.

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A drink after work

Wednesday 10th September, 5.10pm (day 1,112)

Dickens pub, Stavanger, 10/9/14

Spectacularly gorgeous day today in Stavanger, as nice a day of weather as I’ve experienced anywhere. I was not the only one thinking that the best way to end the working day was to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a beer. Taken outside the ‘Dickens’ pub (so called because Charles Dickens was not Norwegian and probably never came to Stavanger in his life).

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Stormy sky, Stavanger

Tuesday 9th September 2014, 6.05pm (day 1,111)

Stavanger storm, 9/9/14

Day 1,111 of the blog, so something of a numerical curiosity, and worth trying to mark with a decent photo, at least. This is the old Port of Stavanger, still used by cruise ships and tourist fjord cruises, caught in the evening light but with a dark and stormy sky behind — though the storm never actually came. I like the single seagull caught in the rays.

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Cormorant (of some sort)

Monday 8th September 2014, 2.20pm (day 1,110)

Cormorant, 8/9/14

My knowledge of ornithology is not that fine-tuned,  so I can’t identify which of the 40 or so species this is, but it’s definitely a cormorant. I’m travelling again — this is taken in Norway, but not on the sea: instead, this fine specimen was resting on Stavanger’s city centre lake, Breivatnet, which has featured on the blog before.

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Flags in the evening sun

Sunday 7th September 2014, 5.30pm (day 1,109)

Flags, 7/9/14

Beautiful day today, coming at that time of year when you want to make the most of each day of very good weather in case it’s the last such day you see for 8 months. These flags have appeared this weekend in that much-photographed spot opposite the tables outside the Railway, and posed well in the evening light — those sunsets getting ever earlier as the world turns.

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