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Under the tables

Wednesday 20th August 2013, 5.45pm (day 1,091)

Under the table, 20/8/14

The hardest thing about keeping this blog going on a daily basis is carrying on finding inspiration on days like this, spent working at home. It’s easy when I’m on the road. This week I was supposed to be going to Sweden again, but it’s been cancelled due to a colleague’s illness. So in the absence of that kind of thing, here’s another picture of the tables outside the pub on a nice sunny evening.

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The Hebden Water

Tuesday 19th August 2014, 8.15am (day 1,090)

Hebden Water, 19/8/14

Tempting as it is to simply stick up a picture of the scoreboard that concluded tonight’s football match at Elland Road (Leeds Utd 0, Brighton & Hove Albion 2 – yes!)… this is the best non-partisan shot I got today. A beautiful morning in town.

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Scaffolding, Oxford Road

Monday 18th August 2014, 1.55pm (day 1,089)

Scaffolding, 18/8/14

Not very exciting I know, but then there’s not much outwardly going on at the moment on campus — though seeing as the A-level results are out, probably rather more behind the scenes. There is a sort of underlying green-ness to this shot that I quite like, however.

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Nearly missed it…

Sunday 17th August 2014, 2.35pm (day 1,088)

Running for train, 17/8/14

… but this family did make their connection in Leeds. As did Clare and I on our way home from London, after an excellent weekend all round.

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In the British Museum

Saturday 16th August 2014, 3.15pm (day 1,087)

British Museum, 16/8/14

Following the visit to the Vatican a few weeks back, here I am in another of the world’s great museums. Specfically, the Ancient Egyptian room on the ground floor, home to the Rosetta Stone and various other famous relics. I like this shot simply because of the light. It might be better without the little explanatory squares of text, but what can you do.


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Friday 15th August 2014, 2.00pm (day 1,086)

V, 15/8/14

As seen in the “Comics: Art and Anarchy” exhibition at the British Library in London this afternoon.

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August field

Thursday 14th August 2014, 2.50pm (day 1,085)

August field, 14/8/14

To call the weather over the last 7 days ‘unsettled’ is a gross understatement — it’s hardly been the same for half an hour at a time, all week. This was taken as I exploited a relatively sunny period this afternoon to grab more blackberries. (I seek to make wine again.) Most of the rest of the day after this, it was wet. Then dry again. Repeat…

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Sunset outside the Railway

Wednesday 13th August 2014, 7.05pm (day 1,084)

Sunset outside Railway, 13/8/14After a day working in Manchester, which did not succeed in inspiring me, I came home via the usual haunt and, frankly, just started pissing about with the camera. But I quite like this one. Maybe it’d be better without the pole growing from the guy’s head, but then again it also gives it that little extra surreal touch.

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Blackberries and barbed wire

Tuesday 12th August 2014, 4.15pm (day 1,083)

Blackberries, 12/8/14

Ah, free food. Come to daddy.

They’re early this year but then again so has everything been, since February. And who needs barbed wire when you have a stand of brambles to protect your property.

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Victoria Station’s new roof

Monday 11th August 2014, 4.25pm (day 1,082)

Victoria's new roof, 11/8/14

Into Manchester for the first time in a few weeks. Victoria station’s redevelopment proceeds onwards: this is taken from platform 1, looking back towards the old building (listed, so they have to preserve it in the rebuild) and the new roof. It’s good to see.

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