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….and then the rain

Thursday 2nd July 2015, 4.00pm (day 1,407)

Rainy Manchester, 2/7/15

Hot and sunny in London yesterday it may have been, but in Manchester this afternoon it was neither of these things, particularly not when I had to walk all the way along Oxford Road getting soaked. At least this girl had an umbrella, even if, like me, she was otherwise dressed for rather nicer conditions.

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Hot in the city

Wednesday 1st July 2015, 12.40pm (day 1,406)

Hot in the city, 1/7/15

For me there’s something kind of suburban or small-town about ice cream vans, so it’s nice to find one in the centre of one of the biggest cities in Europe. Good idea today though, it was very hot and humid in London, and indeed elsewhere today.

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Horse Guards Parade

Wednesday 1st July 2015, 11.40am (day 1,405)

Horse Guards Parade, 30/6/15 This is pretty much the centre of the archaic, monolithic and largely closed institution that is the British state. Horse Guards Parade is virtually next door to 10 Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace is just a few hundred yards away. On this gravel the Queen Troops the Colour (whatever the hell that means) to celebrate her own “official birthday”. Until 1997 it was used as a car park, unbelievably, and the beach volleyball was played here in the 2012 Olympics.

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Midhope Street, Bloomsbury

Monday 29th June 2015, 10.35pm (day 1,404)

Midhope Street, 29/6/15

Down in London again, and this is just the first of a double visit this week. Four nights to be spent in the acre of hotels to the south of King’s Cross. A tiny hotel room, but a decent view, of tiny little Midhope Street, and the weather is glorious — you will see more of it tomorrow I’m sure.

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Trades Club tree

Sunday 28th June 2015, 10.25am (day 1,403)

Trades Club tree, 28/6/15

Hebden Bridge being the place it is, it has an Arts Festival. Arts Festivals being what they are, people are decorating trees. The Trades Club being what it is, here is its tree. QED.

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Victoria station — the new era

Saturday 27th June 2015, 2.10pm (day 1,402)

Victoria, 27/6/15

The title has a double meaning. Yes, it’s a new era for Victoria station, which after a long period of renovation is now just about finished and looks infinitely better for it. It’s also a new era photographically. Half an hour after taking yesterday’s shot my old Fujifilm Finepix camera conked out, I’ve had it some three years now and used it (obviously) every day so I suppose it was due to happen at some point. Went into Manchester partly to buy another one. I can’t afford to upgrade however so we are now working with a Canon Sureshot compact. You can work out, through following this blog, whether I get on with it as well as its late predecessor.

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Tay Bridge

Friday 26th June 2015, 2.25pm (day 1,401)

Tay Bridge, 26/6/15And so home again, a 7-hour train journey from Aberdeen to Hebden Bridge. My second return trip up the east coast of Scotland in the last few weeks, so a chance to revisit a theme hit not so long ago, the crossing of the River Tay. The stumps are those of the first Tay bridge which collapsed (due to crappy construction) in a storm shortly after it was built.

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Thursday 25th June 2015, 10.20pm (day 1,400)

Ceilidh, 25/6/15

i3 (Information, Interactions and Impact) has been a good conference, and though Aberdeen, and particularly the Robert Gordon University campus, has done its bit to help, conferences are in the end about the people. So here are some of them, giving it a right old Scottish knees-up at the conference dinner.

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The River Dee

Wednesday 24th June 2015, 1.05pm (day 1,399)

River Dee, 24/6/15

The city of Aberdeen makes a picturesque debut on the blog. If you’ve never been I guess you might imagine it to be a rather dour place but this shot proves otherwise. OK, it’s not taken in the city centre, but it’s still well within the municipality — this is taken from the edge of the Robert Gordon University campus (location for my conference) and the large Auchinyell council estate is not more than 300 yards away from this point. If only it had delivered some nice golden light as well, but alas, this was not to be.

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Arthur’s Seat and the Firth of Forth

Tuesday 23rd June 2015, 11.00am (day 1,398)

Firth of Forth, 23/6/15

Another trip to Scotland, this time for a conference in Aberdeen. Another long train journey north, which took hours but was mostly worth it thanks to the views, including this one of Arthur’s Seat — its second appearance on the blog (after this more close-up shot in April 2014). Not a bad shot considering it was taken from a moving train through a very grubby window.

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