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John the Barber

Tuesday 15th April 2014, 1.25pm (day 964)

John the Barber, 15/4/14

This guy is as familiar a face around Hebden Bridge as anyone. Here, on a gloriously sunny afternoon, he surveys the town square from the top of the stairs that lead to the unit within his shop in, alongside the other establishments indicated. If he does have a surname I’m not sure most people know it: everyone calls him John the Barber. I guess that’s how people get surnames in the first place, isn’t it?

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Mosedale Cottage, revisited

Monday 14th April 2014, 12.35pm (day 963)

Mosedale cottage, 14/4/14

This is probably England’s most isolated front room, being located in the mountain bothy (hut) that is Mosedale Cottage in the Lake District. I have used it on this blog before, on 31/8/12 to be precise. I like the fact that in one of the remotest spots I know, one can come in and have lunch sat on a three-piece suite and (thanks to another hiker who was present at this point, but not pictured) read the daily paper, seen on the couch to the right.

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Steve and Tara in the Railway

Sunday 13th April 2014, 4.15pm (day 962)

Steve and Tara, 13/4/14

These two have appeared on the blog before, several times each — though not, I think, together; which is odd because together is how they always are. Of all the human/animal couplings I know Steve and Tara are the most symbiotic.

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Farmers’ Market, the Oval, London

Saturday 12th April 2014, 11.20am (day 961)

Oval farmers' market, 12/4/14

I’d rather the bright red cooler wasn’t there but otherwise I think this is a reasonable summation of this event, which Clare & I stopped off in for breakfast after our night out in London (* not depicted on this blog). The queue for the tea stand was interminable. I like the blossoms too, which up north have faded rather, but in London remain in full flower.

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On Camden High Street

Friday 11th April 2014, 3.05pm (day 960)

Camden High Street, 11/4/14

The first act of my Easter break has been spent in London, and the first part of that, in Camden Town, shopping; it does happen, you know. Was keen to get a shot that got beyond the ‘Google Street View’ aesthetic and thus save the blog from deteriorating into the everyday banality that I suspect is never far away.

I observed this guy for a good 20 minutes while having a pint in the pub nearby, he was handing out flyers and holding a placard for a nearby tattoo parlour — like most people make a snap decision to go and have a tattoo. Perhaps for this reason he looked thoroughly fed up with his job, but I do like this one moment, with his eyes closed and earphones in he looks momentarily off in a world that is more his own.

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Spring evening, Rochdale Canal

Thursday 10th April 2014, 5.45pm (day 959)

Rochdale canal, 10/4/14

First Hebden Bridge picture in 11 days, on a very pleasant April evening. Did I mention I’m now off work until after Easter? Fine by me.


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Waverley station roof

Wednesday 9th April 2014, 1.55pm (day 958)

Waverley station, 9/4/14

Edinburgh, like Hebden Bridge, is a place of vertical contrasts, and it is easy enough to look down on the vast glass roof of Waverley station from above. The shot also symbolises the fact that this was the last of this trip to Edinburgh; I wish I could go there more often.

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Arthur’s Seat

Tuesday 8th April 2014, 9.30am (day 957)

Arthur's Seat, 8/4/14Among Edinburgh’s many endearing qualities is the fact that it has a mountain right in the middle of the city. OK, so Arthur’s Seat is only a little mountain, but it’s rugged and you have to do some scrambling to get to the very top. It’s great to get up to somewhere like this and still be down again in time to start work by 10am, which is what I did this morning.

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First day of the Networked Learning conference

Monday 7th April 2014, 5.15pm (day 956)

Networked Learning, 7/4/14

Tim, Martin and Lesley finish off the first day with their presentation. This is the event which has brought me to Edinburgh (and, two years ago, to Maastricht); one of the best and most interesting academic conferences. Pic taken from the floor, literally — while I was speaking just before these guys, someone pinched my chair!

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The National Museum of Scotland

Sunday 6th April 2014, 10.45am (day 955)

National Museum, Scotland, 6/4/14

Shouldn’t all museums look like this? I mean, by law?

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