Bumblebee in big trouble

Wednesday 23rd April 2014, 9.35am (day 972)

Bumblebee and spider, 23/4/14

I know this is an essentially crap photo, with the focus all wrong, but it was a dramatic moment, at least at the micro-scale. I was trying to get a photo of this bumblebee as it buzzed around the plants by our front door, when suddenly it blundered into this web down by our old coal cellar, where the cave spiders live. Now I don’t know about you but if something one and a half times my size — and bumblebees, in insect terms, are not small — came leaping out at me with the intention of making me lunch, I think my life would flash before my eyes even if it was just an insect life. Three seconds later the bumblebee escaped, but I bet those were the longest three seconds it had ever known. I managed to get this one shot of the drama.

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Kilburn building, on a quiet day

Tuesday 22nd April 2014, 10.00am (day 971)

Kilburn building, 22/4/14

First day in Manchester for three weeks; also the greyest, dampest day for some time. These things may or may not be connected. But it’s not yet term-time so things were much more subdued than normal.

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Roof slates

Monday 21st April 2014, 6.50pm (day 970)

Roof slates, 21/4/14

There is a month — this being April, 30 days — to go until I hit the 1,000-day mark on this blog, on 21st May. I have been mulling over whether or not to keep it going after then. The difficult days are not the ones where I travel and have plenty of source material but ones like today, when I’m inside, working, throughout and the light isn’t great. (Yes, I went back to work today after 10 days’ break.) Sometimes I feel like I am running out of ideas, at least to keep coming up with a new post every day. But I do promise to try to get to the 1,000 and that gives me time to consider my options.

Compelling myself to post each day at least forces me to try to see the world from an artistic perspective and within my technical abilities, capture something interesting about it, even if I am stuck at home. Like this evening’s shot, where the setting sun reflected off the residue of an earlier rain shower and produced this rocky, arid landscape on the slates of our roof.

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In the dentist’s, Colditz Castle

Sunday 20th April 2014, 2.35pm (day 969)

Escape from Colditz, 20/4/14

Well, you know. Kind of. It passes the time on an Easter Sunday afternoon.

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Stoodley Pike monument

Saturday 19th April 2014, 1.15pm (day 968)

Stoodley Pike, 19/4/14

Erected in 1856, this replaced an earlier version which was destroyed by lightning, and commemorated the defeat of Napoleon. It is 120 feet (37m) tall and one can climb up to the top of the pedestal for an extensive view over the surrounding area. Something of a standard landscape shot in this vicinity, but despite 24 years’ living here between them, neither Clare nor Joe had been up there before, so on this Easter Saturday we rectified that.

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Before the match, in the Gas Club

Friday 18th April 2014, 2.30pm (day 967)

In the Gas Club, 19/4/14

OK, so that’s two pictures in a row taken in a pub of people drinking beer. But the light was right. The Gas Club — on Gas Works Road — man, that’s unreconstructed North. Final score — Huddersfield 1, Brighton 1. The play-off dream is still on.

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Clare and Mike in the ‘Old Gate’ pub

Thursday 17th April 2014, 6.20pmĀ  (day 966)

Clare and Mike, 18/4/14

Mike is one of the old Leeds university posse — as indeed is Clare, whom I met while we were both studying there in 1996. He and others (not pictured: Sarah, Iain, Angela…) met up for a pint or three in Hebden Bridge this evening, the sort of thing that you always say you should do more often, but somehow don’t.

This man’s cooked on TV you know — I am envious!

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Old locomotive cab, Oxenhope station

Wednesday 16th April 2014, 12.30pm (day 965)

Loco cab, 16/4/14

Just an abstract, really. I like the cobweb hanging from the coal chute in this old cab. I don’t think the loco has been abandoned, it just hasn’t been used for a while.

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John the Barber

Tuesday 15th April 2014, 1.25pm (day 964)

John the Barber, 15/4/14

This guy is as familiar a face around Hebden Bridge as anyone. Here, on a gloriously sunny afternoon, he surveys the town square from the top of the stairs that lead to the unit within his shop in, alongside the other establishments indicated. If he does have a surname I’m not sure most people know it: everyone calls him John the Barber. I guess that’s how people get surnames in the first place, isn’t it?

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Mosedale Cottage, revisited

Monday 14th April 2014, 12.35pm (day 963)

Mosedale cottage, 14/4/14

This is probably England’s most isolated front room, being located in the mountain bothy (hut) that is Mosedale Cottage in the Lake District. I have used it on this blog before, on 31/8/12 to be precise. I like the fact that in one of the remotest spots I know, one can come in and have lunch sat on a three-piece suite and (thanks to another hiker who was present at this point, but not pictured) read the daily paper, seen on the couch to the right.

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