High water, again

Monday 8th February 2016, 1.35pm (day 1,628)

High water, 8/2/16

No weather warnings have been issued and it seems to have stopped raining…. but recent events suggest that we should at least be wary when the river reaches this level. It’s not just about heavy rainfall, either. We should also blame the government — flooding isn’t caused by heavy rain, but by shitty decisions about land use, some of them stretching back centuries. Ah well, seeing as we’ve reached the ‘let’s cross our fingers and hope’ stage of flood prevention, let’s just do that.

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Sunday market, Hebden Bridge

Sunday 7th February 2016, 11.35am (day 1,627)

Sunday market, 7/2/16

Limited horizons today, and don’t expect much else to change over the next couple of days either. It’s marking season. And the weather continues revolting — this is as good as the day got. There have been about half a dozen sunny days in three months, if that.

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Clare, Saturday night out

Saturday 6th February 2016, 9.30pm (day 1,626)

Clare at Trades Club, 6/2/16

It’s been months since there was a proper portrait of the wife on this blog, so let’s make up for it with this shot from our night out at the Trades Club (‘Nutclough City Limits’). Clare seems to be enjoying the evening despite the fact that a small woman appears to be dancing on her belly.

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Have a good day?

Friday 5th February 2016, 9.15am (day 1,625)

Homeless pitch, 5/2/16

The title of this post is taken from the graffiti in the background. I hope he did have a good day, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

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Dragon (presumably Chinese)

Thursday 4th February 2016, 3.05pm (day 1,624)

Dragon, 4/2/16

This creature suddenly appeared in Exchange Square today. But I think we’re safe — it appears to be tied down. The guy in front seems keener to take a picture of something else, anyway, suggesting he isn’t feeling threatened.

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My courtyard

Wednesday 3rd February 2016, 10.00am (day 1,623)

My courtyard, 3/2/16

My office has been in the Ellen Wilkinson building for ten and a half years, plenty of time to become familiar with its charms which, on the whole, are pretty minimal. With the exception of this courtyard in the centre, which I love, because as I am sure I’ve said before, all three entrances to it hide in plain sight and amazingly few people ever use it. It’s one of the few spots on the Manchester campus where you’re guaranteed some peace and quiet.

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Television lights

Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 3.05pm (day 1,622)

Television light, 2/2/16

Don’t know what particular TV or movie production was being the latest to use Hebden Bridge as a location this afternoon, but someone was — these huge lights were blasting it out hours after sunset, even our house felt well-lit and it lies a quarter of a mile away.

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Victoria, platform 4

Monday 1st February 2016, 12.05pm (day 1,621)

Platform 4, Victoria, 1/2/16

Manchester Victoria station is much improved by the recent renovations, but actually this picture is taken in the non-reconstructed part; squatting under the [insert name of current corporate sposnor] Arena, this was a rare burst of light. Nicely illuminated these guys waiting for the 12:whatever to Wigan, though. And was I arriving in the city late, or going home early? I’m not saying, Possibly both…

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Pop-up shop, the sequel (3.5 years on)

Sunday 31st January 2016, 2.20pm (day 1,620)

Pop up organic shop, 31/1/16

On 1st August 2012, the photo of the day was one taken in the Hebden Bridge Baptist Chapel, where the Valley Organics shop had temporarily set up after the twin floods on 21st June and 9th July 2012. Exactly three and a half years later, here the same enterprise is again, grateful for the help of others — in this case the temporary premises are offered by the Salem Centre. I don’t want here to complain or get political — that is not the point of this shot. But I do recognise that all concrete help of this kind comes from within the community, directly.

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A battered old favourite

Saturday 30th January 2016, 6.50pm (day 1,619)

Cuckoos Nest, 30/1/16

Finally made it home, 24 hours behind schedule, and just before landing finished this for the umpteenth time. I know pretty much exactly when I bought this book — April 1989 at a gas station in Pennsylvania. As you can see, it’s certainly seen some attention since then. And rightly so; in my opinion it’s definitely one of the greatest novels ever written. If you’ve never read it, you really should.

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