The Victoria Road building site

Saturday 22nd November 2014, 3.00pm (day 1,185)

Victoria Road site, 22/11/14

This is the building site that children should not play on (as pictured behind the playground equipment a couple of weeks ago). A burst of sunlight caught it very well this afternoon.

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Canal, November evening

Friday 21st November 2014, 4.45pm (day 1,184)

Canal towpath, 21/11/14

Didn’t even take a photo today until after the sun went down, which at this time of year is pretty early, and it’s going to get earlier yet. The evening was a very damp one, and hopefully this shot of the canal towpath reflects that (pun not intended).

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Near the Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester campus

Thursday 20th November 2011, 11.15am (day 1,183)

Near Lewis building, 20/11/14

Another glorious morning. The week has been a lot less stressful than I predicted it would be back on Monday.

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Wednesday 19th November 2014, 2.40pm (day 1,182)

Memorial flowers, 19/11/14

Nearly four weeks ago now (it was the evening that I returned from Dubrovnik) a pedestrian was run over and killed in the centre of Hebden Bridge. These flowers appeared at the spot within a couple of days, and remain there still, wilted and fading but still constituting a memorial to the dead man.

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Campus tree

Tuesday 18th November 2014, 10.30am (day 1,181)

Campus tree, 18/11/14

A glorious morning. Well-Lit Moments On The University Of Manchester Campus, number n+1.

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Backstage at the ‘Club Afrique’

Monday 17th November 2014, 8.20pm (day 1,180)

Backstage, 17/11/14

The gorgeous Liberty Belle, as she waits for her first performance of the evening.

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Paying for lunch

Sunday 16th November 2014, 2.15pm (day 1,179)

Pub pay till, 16/11/14

So some feedback suggests that you guys might be missing the text captions on these daily posts…. Hmmm. I was enjoying letting the images take the load. What could I say to illuminate the ambiguity of this shot and/or all its little details? Why number 41? Why did someone feel it necessary to design a sign showing the potentially very obvious? (There have been a few signs lately. Maybe this means something, maybe it doesn’t.) Whose lunch? Where’s the payment? Those who know, know…


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Clare and Joe walking home late

Saturday 15th November 2014, 10.55pm (day 1,178)

Late night walk home, 15/11/14

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Lee on his Friday evening out

Friday 14th November 2014, 5.10pm (day 1,177)

Lee on Friday evening, 14/11/14

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Above Haweswater (grass and dead bracken)

Thursday 13th November 2014, 12.50pm (day 1,176)

Grass and bracken, 13/11/14

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